Elderly Services.

TPA is driven by the desire to deliver person-centered long term care programs. We are glad you have decided to learn more about what our Agency can do for you! We have provided a brief overview of our Elderly services that we offer in Middle Tennessee region. All the questions that you have may not be answered by the information provided on this website. It is our pleasure to answer the questions that you may still have. You can call or just complete a contact form, and arrangements will be made to meet with you to share our experiences and exciting stories of our success in serving our senior population.

Overview of Services

Our Elderly program provides home and community based services that enable elderly and disabled people to live independently in their homes or integrated community living settings as an alternative to nursing home placement. Our support services are delivered with well trained staff in a manner that allows senior people to continue to live an enjoyable, successful and meaningful life in their homes or community based residential homes. Supports include bathing, dressing, meal preparation, housekeeping and running personal errands. We have worked hard to simplify our admission process for your convenience.

List of Services

We provide the following Elderly Services and we accept private pay only. We are currently pursuing credentialing with the local MCOs. As soon as the credentialing process is complete, we will be able to bill your insurance directly. :

  • Homemaker Services: -provides assistance with housekeeping chores such as sweeping and cleaning the house, laundry, meal preparation, grocery shopping etc.
  • Personal Care Services: -provides assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, dressing, meal preparation, feeding and housekeeping chores etc.
  • Respite Care Services: -provides temporary staff to support you for a short time to allow your caregiver some time to rest.
  • Community Living Services: -provides community based residential service in an integrated community setting of your choice as an alternative to nursing home placement. This option allows seniors to share a home with no more than 2 other people. Well trained health care staff and direct support professionals are provided to help you with personal and health care in an independent living arrengement.
  • Community Based Day- provides supports in the community to allow seniors to engage and enjoy meaningful activities in their communities

Delivery of Services

We provide person-centered services that empower people supported to make choices and self-direct all elements of the service. Our professional and well trained staff serve with dignity and respect, and work hard to meet the health and safety needs of the senior people we support. We use the latest information technology applications to help us to deliver quality services.

Professional Staff

We believe that the key to our success lies in our well-trained and dedicated workforce. Each one of our employees plays a critical role in providing the best service to the people we support. We have a friendly group of well trained, motivated employees focused on providing quality care. Our employees are thoroughly screened and have an obligation to meet and maintain specific employment and training requirements.

Geographical Areas Served

Our TPA Office is in Nashville, Davidson County We provide services across Middle Tennessee. We are currently serving the following counties:
  • Davidson
  • Williamson
  • Maury
  • Lawrance
  • Wayne
  • Lewis
  • Marshall
  • Giles
  • Hickman
  • Dickson
  • Montgomery
  • Robertson
  • Wilson
  • Rutherford
  • Bedford
  • Franklin
  • Coffee
  • Cannon
  • Warren

Inquire About Service

Admission Process into our Programs is easy:


  • Choose a service(s) from the ones listed above. We accept private pay for these services.
  • Complete and Submit a Contact Form or call us on 615-331-6200
  • TPA Intake office will respond and start the transition process

We are a non-profit organization with operations in Middle Tennessee. Our mission is to make people enjoy a life of dignity, respect and opportunity through person-centered support services. Our programs are open to all people -seniors, people with disabilities and people from all walks of life who desire direct personal support services that empower them to live independently, make personal choices and pursue opportunities. 

Contact Info

  • 441 Donelson Pike
  • Suite 400,
  • Nashviille, TN 37214
  • Email Us
  • 615-331-6200
  • 615-331-6220