Our Day Service enables people supported to participate in meaningful community activities that provide opportunities to acquire, retain or improve skills. The skills learned are necessary to perform or enjoy basic activities such as shopping, banking,employment, volunteering, visiting parks, recreational facilities or libraries etc.
Three options of Day Services are available. These options can also be provided as a combination or separate service:
  • Community Based Day Service : This option is provided outside the home of the person supported in a community setting. The service provides opportunities to explore, discover, participate and enjoy meaningful community activities. Transportation is provided to access community facilities and resources. A minimum of six hours of service is provided Monday through Friday in the community.
  • In-Home Based Day Service : This option is provided in the home of the person supported and it is mostly available to people that have chosen to retire or those that can not safely participate in community activities due to behavior or medical reasons. We provide opportunities to learn basic home skills and engage in meaningful activities whilst at home. A minimum of six hours of this service is provided Monday through Friday at home. This service can also be combined with community based day service and the person supported can choose to use either one of the services on a different day
  • Supported Employment: This option allows people supported to acquire job skills and to be gainfully employed in their local communities. TPA has qualified Job Coaches who provide ongoing assistance and specialized supervision with job skills/duties as needed to enable the person supported to sustain employment A combination of both supported employment and community based day services can be provided. TPA provides reliable transportation that accommodate the needs of each person supported.

We are a non-profit organization with operations in Middle Tennessee. Our mission is to make people enjoy a life of dignity, respect and opportunity through person-centered support services. Our programs are open to all people -seniors, people with disabilities and people from all walks of life who desire direct personal support services that empower them to live independently, make personal choices and pursue opportunities. 

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