Our Supported Living program assist people to choose and live in a house or apartment in a community of their choice with a roommate or companion of their choosing. Direct personal support is provided by well trained professional staff in manner that will promote independence. Our well trained staff create opportunities of learning when providing direct assistance as needed with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, eating, meal preparation, medication administration and household chores essential to the health and safety of the people supported. Our individualized supported living supports will enable a people supported to acquire, retain, or improve skills necessary to reside in a home and enjoy a safe and meaningful life. Upon request and where the Person Supported or Conservator cannot manage financial affairs, TPA provides Rep Payee services in accordance to Social Security Administration and DIDD's personal funds management policies and procedures. TPA provides supported living services alongside transportation services in a manner that meets the health, safety and social needs of the the person supported
Program Highlights:
  • People Supported choose where they want to live
  • People choose their own roommate(s).
  • People are supported to self direct their services
  • People are supported to make personal decisions and shape their destine
  • People are supported to pursue their dreams
  • People are supported to manage their own finances

We are a non-profit organization with operations in Middle Tennessee. Our mission is to make people enjoy a life of dignity, respect and opportunity through person-centered support services. Our programs are open to all people -seniors, people with disabilities and people from all walks of life who desire direct personal support services that empower them to live independently, make personal choices and pursue opportunities. 

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